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Gama Discover the Child brain power

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Gama Abacus
The Brain Gym Revolution

Yes, Now We Have The Solution.
Development of Mental & Intellectual Skills….
The 21st century has posed a challenge to human INTELLIGENCE due to the fierce competition; hence the need of the day is to nurture the child’s intelligence to cope up with the challenges in the competitive arena of education.

Every Child has his/her own unlimited talents. Unfortunately most of them are unable to stimulate effectively and activate their hidden and stagnated mental power and skills mainly due to lack of co-ordination between both sides of brain This results in:-

  • Weak Memory                            
  • Loss of Comprehension
  • Poor In Observation
  • Poor in creativity
  • Loss of concentration
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Slow listening
  • Poor reading & writing
  • Poor in Arithmetic & Maths

The parents’ anxiety in regard to the future of the children still exists despite adopting various means to educate their children which only result in incurring high expenditure without fruitful results.

GAMA develops children’s overall intelligence and efficiency effectively through child brain & memory Development programme  by using the ancient and renown magic tool ‘Abacus’ This unique and time tested programme.

During the Training Programme the following development are evidently seen in the children:

  • Extraordinary Memory Power
  • Deep Concentration & Comprehension
  • Speed, Accuracy & Creativeness
  • Sharp Listening Power
  • Better Observation
  • Improvement in Arithmetical calculations and Mathematics
  • Improvement in Academic Performance and mental computation skills

Millions of students have enrolled and benefitted through abacus & Mental Arithmetic Training programme all over the world.
Some of the countries which are reaping the benefits of Gama Abacus:
Australia             Italy
Bahrain               Malaysia
Oman                  Singapore
Dubai                  Nepal
India                   United Kingdom

The brain development of a child is at the peak between the age 5 and 14, to create overall intelligence both side of the brain should be stimulated. Creativity will be high only when there is communication and co-operation among the two sides of the brain. The right side of the brain is the abode of intellect and it can be boosted by the information stored on the left. Children train with the fingers of both hands which activate both right and left sides of brain. Hence, the imaging skills and concentration of children are developed. Stimulates and enhances the mental and intellectual skills in the children aged between 5 and 14.